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    During the deployment of OVA or OVF appliance I have faced an issue which is:

    Failed to deploy VM: postNFCData failed: Capacity of an uploaded disk is larger than requested


    OVF upload issue.JPG

    Also; the upload process has failed with the listed issue:

    OVA upload issue 1.JPG


    This issue occurs when an incorrect ovf capacity size is specified in the OVF file that is being deployed.


    To resolve this issue, I have increased the disk size in the OVF file to match the actual size of the vmdk in the OVF, to increase disk size in OVF file follow listed steps.


    • Navigate to the location of the OVF file, also if you have OVA file just unzip OVA file and start to edit the OVF file after that.
    • Open the OVF file using the text editor, and locate these tags to check the OVF disk actual size.
      <DiskSection> </DiskSection>
    After correction ovf capacity
    disk before.JPG
    Before correction ovf capacity
    disk after.JPG
    Note: Size format is in MB.
    • Save and close the file.
    • Deploy the OVF again.


    This document was generated from the following discussion: Resolve Failed to Deploy OVA / OVF Issue (PostNFCdata Failed)