VMware Horizon View Security Server installation

Version 1

    VMware Horizon View Security Server installation

    Before you start your installation you make sure :

    1- not installing the Horizon View Security Server on the same server as the Connection or Composer Server.

    2-Security Server does not have the Terminal Services role installed .

    3-You have to assign static IP address for this server .

    After You download Horizon View Connection Server installation




    n the Paired Horizon 7 Connection Server page, enter the name of the internal Horizon Connection Server that this Security Server will be paired with.


    Before we move on in the Security Server configuration, we need to create a Security Server Pairing Password. This is a special password only used in the pairing process .To set the pairing password, we go to a Connection Server and launch View Administrator. Navigate to View Configuration > Servers > Connection Servers and click your Connection Server. After clicking the Connection Server, under More Commands click Specify Security Server Pairing Password.



    back to our our Horizon View Security Server installation enter the pairing password specified earlier


    After pairing communication between the Security Server and Connection Server, we will see the External URLs configuration screen for the Security Server, both External, PCoIP, and Blast External connectivity

    the Firewall Configuration page, click Next

    img_58ceb1a30eef8 (1).png


    we can test connectivity through the security server by browsing out to the external URL of the security server. We should see the VMware Horizon splash screen.