VMware® NSX-T Reference Design

Version 9

    Authors: VMware NSX Technical Product Management Team


    This is the NSX-T Reference Design 2.0 based on NSX-T release 2.5. It is the foundational overhaul to design guidance and leading best practices.  The key changes are:


    • Platform enhancements
    • Enterprise to Service Provider scale routing
    • Resilient, Optimized and Simplified Edge Node Functionality
    • Native Load Balancer
    • Performance
    • Design enhancements – Small to Cloud-scale


    The design chapter evaluate various deployment form factors and provides best practices. It offers guidance for a variety of factors including physical infrastructure considerations, compute node requirements, and variably-sized environments from small to enterprise scale data centers.


    Finally, in this version of design guide we have a chapter on performance. This chapter has been introduced on public demand from our loyal customer base and aims at clarifying the myths vs facts on NSX-T based SDN.


    Starting with this design guide, readers are encouraged to send a feedback to NSXDesignFeedback_at_groups_vmware_com  (replace at and underscores)


    We will continually updating this document so please re-download this document.


    --The VMware NSX Product Management