What Tech to Look Out for in 2018

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    Whether it’s a brand-new concept or a current product upgraded, technology is always exciting and 2018 is bringing in some innovation and convenient ideas. The world is always sparking new ideas that can benefit everyone around the globe or maybe just help some people with little conveniences on a day-to-day basis. Here a guide of what you can expect to hear about in 2018.

    Voice Enabled Speakers


    Although the technology has been around for a couple of years now, with the Apple Home Pod being released it is expected that everyone will consider the market more as to what each brand is offering the user. The Amazon Echo has created a new market for their product, with the ability to make reminders, phone and even order and pizza or taxi the Echo is a clever speaker available in different sizes. The Google Home is also a current competitor that is offering an iconic design that offers the using amazing sound quality and the ability to research any questions it is asked using Google. Mobile app development is also helping sync different products around the home such as desktops, mobile phones, laptops and the speakers that are helping interlink the group.

    Golchi Drinks Bottle


    The world’s first 2 in 1 drinks bottle is coming, the innovative bottle works as a hot and cold drinks bottle simultaneously keeping hot drinks for up to 12 hours and cold drinks for up to 24 hours. Both the top and bottom work as lids to keep your different temperature drinks ready for use, and there is a storage compartment in the middle but the layout format can be altered f the user prefers the storage at the bottom or taken off completely to reduce the size. Blue and red indicators are used to identify the liquid inside and the bottle comes with a hot drink spout to keep drinks hot. Keeping the design altogether and stable is a reassuring magnetic lock system. The iconic design even can store cans to keep them cold and yoghurts for lunchtime use. This is an ideal bottle to have in any workplace or even for a workout routine, the bottle will be available in different colours and designs to make your bottle stand out from the crowd.

    Ear-print Scanners


    Fingerprint scanners have been giving mobile phone users the ease of accessing their phone with typing a password in for a few years now, with that, recent research is should that they are able to be hack into and it's getting easier to do this. A US technology company has been working on groundbreaking research that will allow the user to access their phone using an ‘ear print scanner’ the concept is your phone sends a sound down your ear canal and when it echoes’s back your phone's mic records an unmatchable sound (due to the different shapes of everyone’s ears) and unlocks the users phone. Clever, right? The technology is being tested on Android phones but will it offer the same ease as the fingerprint scanner? Only time and tests will tell.


    The World’s Smallest Nespresso Coffee Machine


    Not the most innovative on the list but potentially the most convenient, Nespresso are releasing a coffee machine that isn’t going be as space consuming as its predecessors. At just 4.3 inches wide and 8 inches deep the model will be a convenience in most kitchens and give consumers the temptation to purchase a new machine to add extra gadgets to the kitchen.

    Bio: Alice Porter is an App development specialist from Manchester. She is always interested in modern and advanced technology and enjoys writing about it.