Module 1-6: All VMTN Content

Version 8

    Module 1 - vSAN Configuration


    Try for yourself: Take the vSAN 6.6 Challenge Lab


    Challenge: Enable vSAN, vSAN Configuration Assist, vSAN Health Check



    Module 2 - vSAN Day-2 Operations


    Challenge: Scale vSAN Out and Up, Configure Storage Policies, Monitor vSAN Performance



    Module 3 - vSAN Troubleshooting, Beginner


    Challenge: Troubleshoot vSAN Network, Troubleshoot vSAN Disk



    Module 4 - vSAN Troubleshooting, Advanced


    Challenge: Troubleshoot vSAN Configuration, Troubleshoot vSAN Services, Troubleshoot vSAN Virtual Machines


    Module 5 - vSAN Interoperability


    Challenge: vCenter Unavailable (Utilize Host Client), vRealize Operations Manager (vSAN Operations, vSAN Capacity, vSAN Troubleshooting)



    Module 6 - Bonus Challenge (vSAN Encryption)


    Challenge: Enable vSAN Encryption