Module 1 - 5: All VMTN Content

Version 9

    Module 1 - Let's Start with the Basics


    Try for yourself: Take the vSphere 6.5 Challenge Lab


    Challenge: Can't vMotion a VM, Can't Ping a VM



    Module 2 - Basic Operations Management


    Challenge: Update VMware Tools, My PowerCLI Script isn't working



    Module 3 - Basic Resource Management


    Challenge: Trouble shoot a Poorly Performing VM, Troubleshoot a Poorly Performing Host



    Module 4 - Advanced Operations Management


    Challenge: Assign the Correct Permissions, VM won't Power on, Host is out of Compliance



    Module 5 - Advanced Resource Management


    Challenge: My Application is Sensitive to Latency, I Created a Resource Pool and now performance is Worse, vNUMA Troubleshooting