Microsoft DNS Dynamic Types plug-in

Version 2


    Displays DNS hosts, zones, DNS records in the inventory


    Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 11.00.11.png



    Workflows to:

    • Add a host (A)
    • Add an alias (CNAME)
    • Add a pointer (PTR0
    • Add froward primary zone
    • Add reverse primary zone
    • Remove a DNS record
    • Remove a zone




    • Run "Import Configuration From package" from the Dynamic Types / Configuration category. Use the downloaded package as input.
    • Import the package in vRO (the previous step only loaded the types, this one will add the workflows)
    • Add a PowerShell host (Please refer to the PowerShell plug-in configuration to do necessary settings for WINRM and authentification)
    • Check the PowerShell host works running a simple PowerShell command one it
    • Run the config workflow
    • At this point you should be able to browse the inventory and right click / run workflows to create / delete zones and records



    This plug-in was created for demonstration and educational purposes. Use at your own risk. Feel free to improve, productise if needed




    Plug-in available from Sample Exchange.


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