What should I do next...?

Version 1

    Hi guys!


    Just coming back from my very first VMworld experience and I'm kind of super excited about my near future with my uprising career with virtualization (talking about hype with all of the new features and wonders that virtual admins can do). But, I have like two months with the next question rounding my head over and over again, "What should I no next...?".


    I got my VCP6-DCV Certification almost two years ago (yeah I know, it expires next December 4th), and I have the task to update/upgrade it before that date, and there's where my "problem" started, I don't know which pad should I take know! Some guys from VMware told me: "you should go for a VCAP in deployment" (since I'm more in the deployment and services business), or "go for the VCP-NV, everything is going to NSX and cloud services, you will totally need it" or with all the news and synergy with AWS, "maybe a CMA could do the work..."


    So, I don't know what to do! I hope some of you guys could share with me your own experiences and maybe, I could light up my virtualization path a little more with your kind help.