Creating a PSDrive to browse your inventory

Version 3

    (I can't take credit for this, I'm just formatting and publishing instructions received from VMware.)


    1. Establish a connection to your the server using the Connect-VIServer command:

      Connect-VIServer -Server

           for example,

      Connect-VIServer -Server

           When prompted, provide the administrator's username and password to authenticate access on the server.

    2. Get the root folder of the server:

      $root = Get-Folder -NoRecursion


    3. Create a PowerShell drive named VI, based on the server root folder. You can use the built-in New-psDrive cmdlet.

      New-PSDrive -Location $root -Name vi -PSProvider VimInventory -Root '\'

      In this release, a single backslash is the required value for the -Root parameter.

    4. Access the new drive by typing the following command:

      cd vi:

      To list the drive content, use Get-ChildItem or its alias Dir.

    5. Navigate through your server inventory using the cd command with the full path to the host. For a fictional VI inventory it may looks like the following:

      cd Folder01\DataCenter01\host\Web\LiveHost01