VMware NSX-V: Control Plane Resiliency with CDO Mode

Version 3

    Author: Humair Ahmed

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    Some of the information provided in this technical white paper has also been posted prior on the VMware Network Virtualization Blog post here describing CDO mode generally and the benefits.


    NSX-V 6.3 introduced many new features. On the VMware Network Virtualization blog post, NSX-V 6.3: Cross-VC NSX Security Enhancements, several new Cross-VC NSX security features are discussed. In this paper, another new feature called Controller Disconnected Operation (CDO) mode, which provides additional resiliency for the NSX control plane, is discussed. The features discussed in the mentioned blog posts and within this document become especially important in multi-site deployments. Note, in NSX-V 6.3.1, CDO mode is a tech preview feature. The feature GA’ed in NSX-V 6.3.2.