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    If you are not attending VMworld - virtually attend! All sessions will be LIVESTREAMED on the VMTN Hompage throughout VMworld U.S. and Europe.


    Monday August 28thTuesday August 29thWednesday August 30thThursday August 31st
    08:30BlockedBlockedVMTN6701U: Steve Jin - Unifying APIs for Fast Automation and DevOpsBlocked

    VMTN6694U: Thom Greene, Edward Haletky, Simon Long, Ariel Sanchez - Hacking Public Speaking - Tips to Help you Rock it

    09:30BlockedBlockedVMTN6692U: Ariel Sanchez & Edgar Sanchez - Estabilidad en vSphere con FOSS/PowerCLIBlocked
    10:00BlockedBlockedVMTN6699U: Jim Jones - Living Rural & Tech Community: It Really is PossibleBlocked

    VMTN6689U: Patrick Kremer & Ryan Conley - Elevate your Career - Shifting to a Pre-Sales Role

    10:30BlockedBlockedVMTN6693U: Kia Behnia - Bridging the App GapVMTN6690U: Ryan Kelly - Cross Cloud Services vs. VMware Cloud on AWS
    10:45BlockedBlockedVMTN6684U: Anthony Hook - Discover PowerCLI Without DocumentationTBD
    11:00VMTN6705U: vExpert Daily - Michael LetschinVMTN6705U: vExpert Daily - Michael LetschinVMTN6705U: vExpert Daily - Michael LetschinVMTN6683U: Byron Wells, David Drobena, Shawn Bertin - Brock Solutions: From 0 to Agile in 60 Seconds
    11:30VMTN6602U: Bryan Krausen - AWS 101VMTN6618U: Justin Sider - PowerCLI administration with a Window Docker ImageVMTN6620U: Justin Sider - Automated Infrastructure as a Service testing with VMware NSXVMTN6619U: Andre Leibovici - An Introduction to OpenConvergence
    11:45VMTN6603U: Thom Greene - The Value of MentoringVMTN6707U: Andrew Miller - Ransomware Jail - How to Make Bail? (Asking for a Friend)VMTN6639U: Brian Bunke - Vester: vSphere Config Management with PowerCLIVMTN6632U: Justin Sider - XesterUI - A User Interface for Vester vSphere Configuration Validation
    12:00VMTN6654U: Nigel Hickey - Leveraging User Environment Manager to Remove GPOsVMTN6648U: Nathan Ness - Kubernetes of vSphereAVMTN6652U: Haining Henry Zhang - Efficient and Secure Container Image Management by Using HarborVMTN6653U: Cody de Arkland - Furthering API integration with VMware and Amazon Echo
    12:15VMTN6640U: What's the Deal with Containers?VMTN6650U: Storage for KubernetesContinuedContinued
    12:30VMTN6616U: Jonathan Frappier - Using vSphere 6.5 APIs with AnsibleVMTN6649U: Nathan Ness - Kubernetes on vSphereBVMTN6624U: Tarsio Moraes - Understand how VMware NSX/vSAN and IBM BlueMix are Truly Delivering Business Continuity to Latin America CustomersContinued
    12:45VMTN6656U: Mostafa Khalil - vSAN in VMC on AWS EnvironmentVMTN6651U: Yves Fauser - Kubernetes Networking Using NSXVMTN6623U: Valdecir Carvalho - How to Create a Telegram Bot with Artificial IntelligenceContinued
    13:00VMTN6601U: Scott Driver - No Money, No Problem - Start Automating with PowerCLIVMTN6611U: Mandy Botsko-Wilson - Automating Benchmarks for Cloud Infrastructures with VMware Weathervane and VMware vRealize AutomationVMTN6621U: Federico Cinalli Full NSX con vRA + vROVMTN6681U: Scott Driver - Life as an SMB in a big Enterprise World
    13:15VMTN6604U: Frank Milisi - 5 Traits that Make Someone a BadA*s EngineerContinuedVMTN6622U: Wences Michel - My AWS Solutions Architect - Associate JourneyVMTN6733U: Nick Korte - If vSAN Powered the Matrix
    13:30VMTN6605U: Paul Woodward Jr - Two and a Half Free Tools to Help Troubleshoot vSphere ProblemsVMTN6612U: Paul Woodward Jr - From CNC to VCP: A Journey of Professional GrowthVMTN6634U: Jorge Torres - Como Empezar con PowerShell/PowerCLITBD
    13:45VMTN6606U: Ken Nalbone - Automate Repetitive Tasks in Veeam Backup and Replication with the Veeam PowerShell SnapinContinuedVMTN6636U: Tony Foster - GPU Enabled Linux VDITBD
    14:00VMTN6609U: Garry Simmons - ChatOps and Bots. VMware Automation!!VMTN6613U: Joseph Griffiths - How to Operate IT with Full VelocityContinuedBlocked
    14:15ContinuedVMTN6660U: Luis Concistre - Containers - My First ApplicationVMTN6657U: Valdecir Carvalho & Wesley Matins - vExpert - What, Why and HowBlocked
    14:30VMTN6607U: Windsor Hsu -  Securing your SDDC Data Without Being Hostage to HardwareVMTN6608U: Boris Weissman - Securing and Protecting Your Private Cloud Data AssetsVMTN6615U: Joseph Griffiths - Operational Aspects of HCIBlocked
    14:45VMTN6646U: Lazarus Vekiarides - How the Cloud Killed Secondary Data CentersVMTN6647U: Lazarus Vekiarides - Using Hybrid Cloud to Patch up Data Protection HolesVMTN6667U: Talk About VVD DeploymentBlocked
    15:00VMTN6637U: Russell Hamker - Linked Clones with PowerCLIVMTN6708U: Chris Williams, Rebecca Fitzhugh, Mike Burkhart - Availability and Recoverability - Cloud Design PrinciplesVMTN6715U: Kyle Grossmiller - Build High-Performance Multi-Site EUC SystemsBlocked
    15:15VMTN6711U: Anthony Spiteri - Veeam Powered Network - The best free networking tool you don't know about!VMTN6712U: Michael Cade - These are the Clones you are Looking for!VMTN6725U: Chhandomay Mandal - Architecture Matters: The Techniques Behind the Performance and Storage Efficiency of Dell EMC XtremIO for VMware EnvironmentsBlocked
    15:30VMTN6732U: Matt Allford - Free Tools and Resources for Every VMware Platform AdministratorVMTN6614U: Tim Davis - Out of the Box, and into Production!VMTN6628U: Chaos Engineering for vSphereBlocked
    15:45ContinuedContinuedVMTN6703U: Brent Meadows - Preparing to Migrate to the CloudBlocked
    16:00VMTN6633U: Simon Hamilton-Wilkes, Hans Bernhardt - How to Describe NSX to your GrandmotherVMTN6664U: Caio Oliveira - Networking and Security Challenges in OpenStack CloudsVMTN6663U: Caio Oliveira - Micro-segmentation: What is and What Should Never be!Blocked
    16:15ContinuedVMTN6668U: Julius Danuatmodjo - vSphere Replication Appliance for Remote OfficeVMTN6704U: Phoummala Schmitt, Theresa Miller - Business Continuity Planning with VirtualizationBlocked
    16:30VMTN6714U: Cody Hosterman - Virtual Volumes Unlock Your DataVMTN6669U: Radia Perlman - Blockchain: Hype or Hope?VMTN6700U: Jim Jones, Jim Millard, Matt Crape - Influencer Programs: It's not just Free LicensesBlocked
    16:45VMTN6724U: Kevin Vaillancount - VMware and Dell EMC VMAX: Better Together, Optimize your Virtual Environment with All FlashContinuedBlockedBlocked
    17:00VMTN6670U: Jason Kyzer - Application Packaging as a Service (APaaS)VMTN6676U: John Arrasjid, Mark Gabryjelski - IT Architect Series: Meet the New AuthorsBlockedBlocked
    17:45VMTN6734U: Sama Bali - Say Hello to Dell's Smallest Blast Extreme Thin ClientBlockedBlockedBlocked
    18:30-20:00VMTN6718U: Hackathon Training: Open Source Projects for Enterprise Cloud Native Applications
    18:30-20:00VMTN6719U: Hackathon Training: Getting Started with Clarity
    18:30-20:00VMTN6720U: Hackathon Training: Getting Started with the vSphere Automation SDK for Python
    18:30-20:00VMTN6721U: Hackathon Training: Integrating VMware API's and Amazon Echo (Alexa)
    20:00-24:00VMTN6722U: Hackathon Event: 15 Teams Hack on Ideas!
    VMTN6723U: Hackathon Audience - Food, Drinks, and Cheering!



    Tune in to these TechTalks in person  - register or take advantage of the standing room at these sessions! All sessions will be LIVESTREAMED on the VMTN Hompage throughout VMworld U.S. and Europe.