Version 1

    IOInsight v1.1.1  [April 12, 2017]

    • Added option to download logs for troubleshooting
    • Removed 'Send Logs' option as we were not receiving mails from external networks due to mailserver issue
    • Fixed support for ESXi-5.5 which was broken in v1.1.0
    • Minor changes in UI and logs


    IOInsight v1.1.0  [March 31, 2017]

    New Features
    • Commandline utility to setup static IP / DHCP
    • Option to set NTP servers
    • Option in UI to send logs and results to IOInsight developers for troubleshooting
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed VC login issues
    • Handling of several special characters in VM name
    • Improved correctness of IO-size histogram
    • Better handling of monitoring VMDKs with very less I/Os
    • Improved alert messages in UI and logs
    • Improved graph visualizations


    IOInsight v1.0.0 [February 21, 2017]

    First Version