New Video published by Packt, “Software Defined Networking with VMware NSX"

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    Software Defined Networking with VMware NSX, video course authored by Matthias Eisner & Yves Sandfort targets VMware administrators, network and IT professionals who are taking their first steps when building or deploying an SDN-based VMware infrastructure.


    A practical tutorial that shows real world solutions to designing and building network services and perform network virtualization within VMware-based infrastructures.


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    NSX is VMware's networking platform that allows networks and services to be deployed programmatically and is a crucial component in software-defined data centers.


    This video course provides step-by-step instructions to help you quickly deploy SDN in production and perform network virtualization with VMware. It will help you install and configure NSX and show you how to deploy NSX on top of your existing physical network and gain control of every aspect of network components (switches and routers) and your connected IT workloads.


    The next section covers how to deploy and configure VxLAN-based switches and manage and configure network and gateway services. Finally, you will learn how to use NSX to secure your environment. After finishing this course, you will be able to deploy and maintain network virtualizations and automate your VMware-based infrastructure in less time and in a cost-effective manner. All this will be covered through a practical real-world example right from the start of the course.



    What You Will Learn:


    • Get an overview of the core building blocks for NSX
    • Get to know how to deploy NSX (Manager, Controller, Host preparation, and more)
    • Understand routing with DLR and Edges
    • Build a firewall with DLR and Edges
    • See an overview of other stateful Edge Services (LB and VPN)



    Author Bio:


    Matthias Eisner

    Matthias Eisner has dealt with company networks for 10+ years, andNSX is a perfect fit for the toolbox, helping customers on their journey to building a fully-automated on-premise cloud solution. More than two years ago, he was elected into the initial VCI team teaching NSXat the outset, together with his counterpart Yves Sandfort.

    Furthermore, he was one of three initial Instructors who taughtNSX Design. This allowed him to support big customers in creating designs for NSX and supporting them during their migration into the Software-defined Networking world to build a solid basic infrastructure supporting the journey into the SDDC.


    Yves Sandfort

    As a VMware Certified Instructor with a network background of 20+ years, Yves Sandfort was on the initial team that taughtNSX in EMEA with his counterpart Matthias Eisner. They ran some of the very early customer classes and also helped to implement some of the first proof of concepts and later on production environments in EMEA.

    In his second role as a VCDX for cloud and management,  it’s one of his toolkits when he designs cloud architectures for private, hybrid, or public cloud environments to build a modern SDDC implementation.