New Book published by Packt, “VMware vSphere 6.x Datacenter Design Cookbook - 2nd Edition"

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    If you are an administrator or consultant interested in designing virtualized datacenter environments using VMware vSphere 6.x or previous versions of vSphere and the supporting components, then VMware vSphere 6.x Datacenter Design Cookbook - Second Edition written by Hersey Cartwright is the book for you. It will help both new and experienced architects deliver professional VMware vSphere virtual datacenter designs.


    The book follows a recipe-based approach that consists of practical recipes to effectively design a virtual data center.

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    VMware is the industry leader in data center virtualization. The vSphere 6.x suite of products provides a robust and resilient platform to virtualize server and application workloads. With the release of 6.x a whole range of new features has come along such as ESXi Security enhancements, fault tolerance, high availability enhancements, and virtual volumes, thus simplifying the secure management of resources, the availability of applications, and performance enhancements of workloads deployed in the virtualized datacenter.


    This book provides recipes to create a virtual datacenter design using the features of vSphere 6.x by guiding you through the process of identifying the design factors and applying them to the logical and physical design process. You’ll follow steps that walk you through the design process from beginning to end, right from the discovery process to creating the conceptual design; calculating the resource requirements of the logical storage, compute, and network design; mapping the logical requirements to a physical design; security design; and finally creating the design documentation.


    The recipes in this book provide guidance on making design decisions to ensure the successful creation, and ultimately the successful implementation, of a VMware vSphere 6.x virtual data center design.



    What You Will Learn:


    • Identify key factors related to a vSphere design and apply them to every step of the design process
    • Mitigate security risks and meet compliance requirements in a vSphere design.
    • Create a vSphere conceptual design by identifying technical and business requirements
    • Determine the type of database to use based on the deployment size.
    • Design for performance, availability, recoverability, manageability, and security
    • Map the logical resource design into the physical vSphere design
    • Create professional vSphere design documentation to ensure a successful implementation of the vSphere design
    • Leverage the latest vSphere 6.x features to ensure manageability, performance, availability, and security in a virtual datacenter design



    Author Bio:


    Hersey Cartwright has worked in the technology industry since 1996 in many roles, from help desk support to IT management. He first started working with VMware technologies in 2006. He is currently a solutions architect for SimpliVity, where he designs, sells, and supports VMware vSphere enterprise environments running on the SimpliVity Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) platform.

    In 2012, he began preparing to submit a design to defend for his VMware Certified Design Expert. In February 2013, he successfully completed his defense and obtained VCDX. His VCDX number is #128.

    Since January 2011, he has been an instructor with the VMware IT Academy at Tidewater Community college where he teaches vSphere 5 and vSphere 6 classes. He designed and implemented the lab environment that is used by students in the virtualization and security programs offered at the Chesapeake Campus of Tidewater Community College.

    He actively participates in the VMware community, and he has been awarded the vExpert title every year since 2012. He has presented multiple vBrownBags on vSphere administration, vSphere design, and vSphere disaster recovery. He regularly blogs about virtualization and other technologies at