New Book published by Packt, “VMware Performance and Capacity Management - Second Edition"

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    If you're a system administrator or cloud infrastructure specialist who is interested in performance management and capacity management using VMware technologies then VMware Performance and Capacity Management - Second Edition written by Iwan 'e1' Rahabok is the book is for you. This book will also help IT professionals whose area of responsibility is not VMware, but who work with the VMware team. You can be Windows, Linux, Storage, or Network team; or application architects. Note that prior exposure to the VMware platform of data-center and cloud-based solutions is expected.


    This book covers the complex topic of managing performance and capacity in an easy-to-follow style. It relates real-world scenarios to topics in order to help you implement the book’s teachings on the go.

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    Performance management and capacity management are the two top-most issues faced by enterprise IT when doing virtualization. The second edition comes with added information and reorganizing the book into three logical parts.


    The first part provides the technical foundation of SDDC Management. It explains the difference between a software-defined data center and a classic physical data center, and how it impacts both architecture and operations. From this strategic view, it zooms into the most common challenges—performance management and capacity management. It introduces a new concept called Performance SLA and also a new way of doing capacity management.


    The next part provides the actual solution that you can implement in your environment. It puts the theories together and provides real-life examples created together with customers. It provides the reasons behind each dashboard, so that you get the understanding on why it is required and what problem it solves.


    The last part acts as a reference section. It provides a complete reference to vSphere and vRealize Operations counters, explaining their dependencies and providing practical guidance on the values you should expect in a healthy environment.


    What You Will Learn:

    • Simplify the task of performance and capacity management
    • Master the counters in vCenter and vRealize Operations and understand their dependency on one another
    • Educate your peers and management on SDDC Operations
    • Complete your SDDC monitoring to include non-VMware components
    • Perform SDDC performance troubleshooting
    • Explore real-life examples of how super metric and advanced dashboards
    • Introduce and implement a Performance SLA
    • Accomplish your Capacity Management by taking into service tiering and performance SLA


    Author Bio:

    Iwan 'e1' Rahabok was the first VMware SE for strategic accounts in ASEAN. Joining VMware in 2008 from Sun Microsystems, he has seen how enterprises adopt virtualization and cloud computing and reap the benefits while overcoming the challenges. It is a journey that is very much ongoing and the book reflects a subset of that undertaking. Iwan was one of the first to achieve the VCAP-DCD certification globally and has since helped others to achieve the same, via his participation in the community. He started the user community in ASEAN, and today, the group is one of the largest VMware communities on Facebook. Iwan is a member of VMware CTO Ambassadors program since 2014, representing the Asia Pacific region at the global level and representing the product team and CTO office to the Asia Pacific customers. He is a vExpert since 2013, and has been helping others to achieve this global recognition for their contribution to the VMware community.