Book: Learning VMware vRealize Automation

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    If you want to start your journey with vRealize Automation then you definitely have to check out "Learning VMware vRealize Automation" written by Sriram Rajendran. It is your one-stop instruction guide to installing and configuring a distributed setup using NSX load balancer. Regardless of whether or not you have used vRealize Automation before, following the steps provided in each chapter will get you started with the product.


    This book takes a step-by-step approach, is explained in a conversational and easy-to-follow style, and includes ample screenshots. Each topic is explained sequentially through planning, preparing, installing, configuring, and validating of all vRealize Automation’s components.


    The book starts off with an introduction to the distributed architecture that has been tested and installed in large scale deployments. Implementing and configuring distributed architecture with custom certificates is unarguably a demanding task, and it will be covered next. After this, we will progress with the installation. A vRealize Automation blueprint can be prepared in multiple ways; we will focus solely on vSphere endpoint blueprint. After this, we will discuss the high availability configuration via NSX loadbalancer for vRealize Orchestrator. Finally, we end with Advanced Service Designer, which provides service architects with the ability to create advanced services and publish them as catalog items.



    What You Will Learn:

    • Understand the basic building blocks of vRealize Automation before embarking on the journey of installation
    • Familiarize yourself with the requirements and steps that need to be performed during the first phase of the distributed installation
    • Carry out a functional validation of the first phase of installation before completing the installation
    • Build a blueprint for vSphere endpoint, an essential step for a successful deployment of a service catalog
    • Create, configure, and deploy tenants, endpoints, blueprints, and the service catalog
    • Get to grips with the failover process for all components in vRealize Automation
    • Learn to configure the NSX loadbalancer for vRealize Orchestrator for high availability
    • Leverage ASD to develop XaaS (Anything as a Service) in vRealize Automation to deliver valuable competence



    Author Bio:

    Sriram Rajendran is a member of the CTO Ambassador program at VMware. He has been a veteran of the IT industry, for more than 12 years, and a focused technologist with expertise in cloud computing, networking, storage, and server virtualization technologies.

    Sriram wears multiple hats at VMware. As a solution architect, he provides technical leadership and expertise to design, deploy, and scale the VMware SDDC stack for its Fortune 500 customers. His primary focus for VMware SSDC are automation, operations, and third-party integration.

    As a senior escalations manager, he is the go-to person for handling critical executive escalations that have out blown traditional GSS escalation processes.

    As a CTO Ambassador, he is responsible for connecting the research and development team with customers, partners, and field as the global VMware evangelist.