vCenter Server 6.5 High Availability Performance and Best Practices

Version 4

    VMware performance engineers thoroughly tested VCHA with a benchmark that simulates common vCenter Server activities in both regular and worst case scenarios. The result is solid data and a comprehensive performance characterization in terms of:


    • Performance of VCHA failover/recovery time objective (RTO)
    • Performance of enabling VCHA
    • VCHA overhead
    • Performance impact of vCenter Server statistics level
    • Performance impact of a private network
    • External PSC vs Embedded PSC


    In addition to the performance study results, the paper describes the VCHA architecture and includes some useful performance best practices for getting the most from VCHA.


    Download the paper, below.


    -Updated Nov 30, 2016 to include a summary of our findings in the  Executive Summary.

    -Updated Apr 10, 2017 to fix typo in Table 1 on page 6.