Automation Leveraging NSX REST API Guide

Version 3

    Authors: Humair Ahmed, Emanuele Mazza, Francesco Vigo, Samuel Kommu


    This document is targeted and written for devops/automation/system engineers and network engineers looking to automate logical networking and security within their virtualized environment. The goal of this paper is to demonstrate how automation can be accomplished in several ways by leveraging the NSX REST API.



    VMware NSX provides a RESTful API service via NSX Manager that can be consumed in several ways. The NSX REST API can be consumed directly via a tool/library such as cURL or a REST Client like Postman, via multiple popular programming languages, and via orchestration and cloud management tools. The Automation Leveraging NSX REST API Guide provides additional details and examples.


    The white paper discusses the following topics:


    - Why Automate

    - Introduction to Rest API

    - Programming Languages with NSX Rest API

    - Automation Tools with NSX REST API

    - Cloud Management Platforms with NSX REST API


    This white paper will also soon be posted on our NSX Technical Resources website (link below):


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