Disaster Recovery with NSX and SRM

Version 2

    NSX can be used with a Disaster Recovery (DR) orchestration tool such as VMware’s Site Recovery Manager (SRM) for an Enhanced Disaster Recovery solution that solves many of the problems related to traditional Disaster Recovery solutions. Checkout this whitepaper on recovering NSX backed data centers with SRM.


    This document is targeted and written for virtualization architects and administrators with experience in designing, deploying and troubleshooting technologies such as VMware vSphere, SRM, and NSX along with standard storage technologies.


    The white paper addresses the following topics:


    Challenges with existing DR Solutions

    Migration/Disaster Recovery Scenarios

    Solution Requirements and Details

    Design Considerations

    Recovering NSX Components


    Thanks to all the contributors and reviewers of this document.


    This white paper will also soon be posted on our NSX Technical Resources website (link below):



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    - The VMware NSX Solution Team