vRA blueprint management package and download plug-in

Version 2

    This package allows to import / export vRealize automation blueprints from Sample Exchange and from / to vRO.

    Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 23.41.10.png

    In addition the workflow "Import blueprint from sample exchange" in the XaaS blueprint can be used as an XaaS blueprint in vRA.

    Find attached a demo video of the service in vRA (mov file zipped)


    The package requires:

    • vRealize Automation 7.0 (7.0.1 for the export blueprint workflow to work)
    • The download plug-in attached in this document.



    • From vRO Control Center, install the download plug-in
    • Restart the vRO service
    • Import the package from vRO client
    • Run the "Import Sample Exchange certificate" workflow.


    Download the package from Sample Exchange



    tschoergez Lew for providing me the "Download" plug-in in less than 24 hours

    AaronSpear201110141 for the information provided on Sample Exchange API

    gmuleshkov and Kristiyan Georgiev for the information provided on the vRA plug-in and vRA REST API