Deploying NSX Data Center with Cisco ACI Underlay Design Guide 2.0

Version 7

    NSX Data Center is now the de facto SDN standard for the Private Cloud. Reference guides for NSX Data Center are proven to reduce complexity in managing the physical switch infrastructure. This increases the infrastructures stability and requires a minimal set of system and service configuration to bring up the fabric. Organizations utilize NSX Data Center for a diverse set of use cases including security, a diverse application framework and deployment platform, and application continuity across private and hybrid clouds.  With reference designs for any underlay, NSX Data Center is fulfilling its promise to be a platform over any infrastructure. NSX Data Center provides the cornerstone for the Virtual Cloud Network.


    This version of the reference guide delves deeper into the construction of a network-centric ACI infrastructure to support the deployment of the NSX Data Center platform. Deploying NSX Data Center on an ACI Underlay contains a prescriptive set of instructions starting right after the completion of the ACI fabric "bring-up" process.  This document guides the network admin to create the required fabric access objects followed by the construction of a ACI tenant and its necessary components. Following the guidance of this reference guide for building a network-centric ACI infrastructure directs the network admin to create the recommended set of ACI objects while ensuring a simple and stable infrastructure to manage and operate.


    VMware has published multiple reference designs to provide guidance on how to run NSX on Cisco Nexus and UCS fabric running in NX-OS mode, an Arista fabric, a Brocade network, and others.