Design Guide for VMware NSX running with a Cisco ACI Underlay Fabric

Version 1

    VMware NSX is widely deployed as a network virtualization solution. Users are leveraging NSX to solve multiple use cases around Security, IT Automation and Application Continuity.NSX can work with any IP underlay. VMware has published multiple reference designs to provide guidance on how to run NSX on Cisco Nexus and UCS fabric running in NX-OS mode, an Arista fabric, a Brocade network and others.


    Some of our customers have also asked how NSX would work on top of Cisco ACI based fabric. Cisco ACI from an NSX perspective is like any other underlay. Customers who chose to run NSX on top of Cisco ACI will get the full benefits of NSX. This design guide provides recommendations on how one can go about implementing ACI as the underlay for NSX.