vRealize Automation and NSX Extensibility Kit

Version 2

    In collaboration with Francesco Vigo, we are releasing the first version of the vRealize Automation and NSX Extensibility Kit.


    This kit contains the following:


    - vRealize Orchestrator workflow package (vra-nsx-v1.0.1.package)

    - Advanced Service Designer components (vra-nsx-asd-v1.0.1.zip)

    - Guest customization script (nsx-customize.sh)


    These components compliment the native NSX and vRA integration by providing additional NSX functionality for

    Day 0 (provisioning time) and Day 2 (post provisioning) operations.


    Examples of the available Day 0 workflows:


    - DNAT rules for 1:Many NAT type

    - Enable Edge High Availability

    - Enable SSH on Edge

    - Set Edge Size

    - Configure Edge Firewall Rules

    - Syslog configuration

    - Advanced LB configuration

    - IP customization for multi-tier applications


    Example Day 2 workflows:


    - Modify Firewall configuration

    - Modify Load Balancer configuration

    - Modify Edge configuration


    These workflows were previewed in VMworld 2015 session:


    NET5362 Enabling Automated Network & Security Services with NSX and vRealize Automation


    and are being made available under a community support model so they are provided as sample code.


    For the initial release the attached documentation is in draft format, and assumes you have experience with vRA extensibility (WF stubs and ASD).

    We will be updating the installation guide shortly with more detail and also based on interest, plan to continue adding functionality to the

    extensibility kit.


    If there are any questions or if you have feedback, please let us know in the comments.