VIO2.0&NSX - Network Topologies Configuration Guide-v1.0(public).pptx

Version 1

    Goal of the Guide:

    This guide will detail  all the Network and Security services available in VIO/NSX.

    It will also explain in deep details how to configure them (Horizon / CLI) and how those are implemented in NSX by the Neutron NSX plugin.


    Table of Content:

    • OpenStack Network and Security services available within VIO / NSX-v
    • VIO/NSX-v requirements + config files
    • For each VIO/NSX-v Network and Security service:
      • Configuration via Horizon (UI) + CLI (API)
      • Validation via Horizon (UI) + CLI (API)
      • What happens in the backend (NSX-v configuration)
      • Limitation or bug