Candidate ID Changed?  Wait.  What?

Version 1

    I had VCP 7031 or some such back in the day (VCP 2.x era).  Then when I started playing in the shark tank again (for VCP 5 and later the 5.5 Delta exam), the new, longer Candidate IDs were being used.


    It never occurred to me that the Candidate ID would change, so, while approval for exams (VCAP5-DCD and VCP6-DCV) were pending, I agreed to associate myself with another firm and put my Partner Company into a holding pattern (the other firm was selling more product anyway).  I really thought the Candidate ID was to uniquely Identify me...


    Now "VMware Certification" and "Partner University" support teams send me emails stating, "Everything is merged, it's all OK.


    And PearsonVUE repeatedly says, "No, we don't do merges.


    So I can't even log in to check available days/times/places for the tests. 


    Who do I need to talk to to

         (1) cancel my current screwed up approvals,

         (2) work with Pearson to sort out what account I need to log in (since they don't bother reading my emails), and

         (3) send me a checklist of how to

              (a) request new approvals,

              (b) sign up online at PearsonVUE, and

              (c) schedule the tests?


    Or has my VMware certification pathway ended?