Help with installing 100 ESXi & 100 VMs

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    Good morning, everyone.

    I have two questions, I'd be happy to get an answer and advice

    1. You are required to install 100 servers ESXI dissemination Light touch. Should be used for the installation of infrastructure + AD + WDS DHCP.
    Please introduce generic term solution to fully process and presents end 100 servers configured after installation. Throughout the installation can not insert these data manually servers except to start the process.
    The license that you have for 100 servers is a VMware Vsphere Standard.

    2. You are required to install 100 virtual servers on ESXI. These servers need to run a SERVER 2012 R2. For the purpose of installation you have 100 GB of storage space. Suggest a solution that allows you to make this setup. Show the basic solution.
    You have a license only for VMware Vsphere Standard without additional software cost.

    Thanks to all.