Simple get Orchestrator Version workflow

Version 1

    The attached workflow retrieves some system info from Orchestrator, then performs a simple GET request to /vco/api/about and parses the result to return the version and build number.

    Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.25.43 AM.png

    Get URL Code:

    var vROIP = Config.getNetworkInterfaces().getBindInterface();
    var vROPort = Config.getNetworkInterfaces().getBindPort();
    var getUrl = "https://"+vROIP+":"+vROPort+"/vco/api/about";

    Parse Results Code:

    var aboutObj = JSON.parse(aboutResult);
    System.debug("Version: "+aboutObj["version"]);
    var version = aboutObj["version"];
    System.debug("Build Number: "+aboutObj["build-number"]);
    var build = aboutObj["build-number"];
    System.debug("Build Date: "+aboutObj["build-date"]);
    System.debug("API Version: "+aboutObj["api-version"]);

    Workflow Output parameters:

    version (string)

    build (string)