Jenkins Plugin for CodeStream Pipeline Execution

Version 2

    To deploy code change to production usual process is as below

    1. commit code
    2. build code in jenkins
    3. publish the artifacts in artifactory
    4. execute release pipeline to promote changes to production.

    In this process one thing which is important is to start release pipeline as jenkins job build step. I have developed a jenkins plugin for this purpose. In the end of this page you can find two attachment. codestream-jenkins-plugin-latest.hpi is for Jenkins version 1.580.1 and above. . codestream-jenkins-plugin-old.hpi is for version between 1.565 and 1.58.



    1. Install plugin -> Go to your Jenkins plugin manager page (http://{host}/pluginManager/).  Click on Advanced Tab and upload hpi file provided in bottom of this page as per your jenkins version. Restart the Jenkins Server.

    image2015-4-20 17-30-8.png

    1. Add Execute CodeStream pipeline step as job build step : On Job configuration page click on Add build step select “Execute CodeStream Pipeline” option
      image2015-4-20 17-30-54.png
    2. Configure :  Configure CodeStream pipeline like below. You have to add only those param which you want to override other param value will be taken as default. Execute and wait  option will allow you to wait for pipeline to complete/fail.
      image2015-4-20 17-31-21.png

    Output variables

    Below are some variables exposed as  output.

    1. CS_PIPELINE_EXECUTION_ID - Execution id of pipeline execution.
    2. CS_PIPELINE_EXECUTION_STATUS - Pipeline execution status. Its available only when "Execute and wait" option is selected .
    3. CS_PIPELINE_EXECUTION_RES - Pipeline execution response json.  Its available only when "Execute and wait" option is selected.