Configuration Resources

Version 3

    Configurations resources are an alternative to programmatically use configuration elements.


    It is designed to be more flexible and reliable:

    • You can create / delete configuration resources programmatically (It is not possible to do so with plain configuration elements).
    • You can set / delete a configuration resource attribute
    • You can get all the attributes of a configuration resource element
    • Simultaneous write to configuration resource elements does not loose attributes (This is an issue with the configuration elements that were designed to be manual / design time only)


    The goal is flexibility / reliability and requires running a workflow when getting / setting attributes. Do not expect speed - as such if you need to fill an array of 100.000 elements in a configuration put it in a single array attribute and not in 100.000 attributes.


    You can download it from Flowgrab.


    Disclaimer: These samples workflows are provided AS IS and are not considered production quality and are not officially supported. Use at your own risk. Feel free to modify and expand and share your contributions.