vmware player not working "cant find file specified" and vmx file corrupted

Version 1

    HI I am messaging to ask if there is any way possible to fix my vmware player on Windows 8.1, When my linux Ubuntu virtual machine was running our of space on the partition I created for it, I tried to add space for it using the "add" option under utilities in the hard drive, I then tried to repartition the disk, it wasn't working so I closed the VM and now it says this message when I try to run it....



    Error while powering on: Unable to open file "C:\Users\kiran\Documents\Virtual Machines\Ubuntu 64-bit\Ubuntu 64-bit.vmdk":



    The system cannot find the file specified.



    It also says the my VMX file is corrupt, is there any way of being able to get it back up and running it has a lot of my uni work on there!






    Kiran (Uni Student)


    Ive attached my most recent vmware log