Advanced "force data collection" workflow

Version 5

    Hi guys,


    when working with IaaS entities in vCO / vCAC data-collection can be a pain in the a**. By default the vCAC plugin comes with a "force data collection" workflow that will start a data-collection of all data-sources of the given vCAC IaaS host. However: the workflow is implemented as an fire-and-forget task. It triggers the data-collection and finishes, giving the user no information about the collection status.


    When building workflows that work with vCAC endpoints (e.g. vSphere) and vCAC-CAFE, this makes it hard to know when or if a endpoint ressource will be available in the vCAC IaaS entity model. Trying to solve this problem by adding long "sleep" tasks often fails because the time needed for data-collection varies alot.

    So today I decided to put an end to failed workflows due to not-yet available entities in the IaaS model and created a "Advanced force data collection" workflow. It will start a data-collection and start polling in order to check the collection status. Once all triggered data-sources have been updated, it'll finish. Optionally you can set a flag so the workflow fails if a data-source could not be updated.


    It'll probably be of no use to most of you guys, but if you ever have to work with IaaS entities, you'll love it. Enjoy!



    • This workflow will start vRealize Automation data-collection for the selected sources from vRO and return execution context  after the data-collection finished



    • Changed licensing to LGPLv3, should make everyones life easier now.
    • Now allows you to select the source(s) for data-collection
    • Now handles orphaned and non-configured data-sources



    • vRealize Orchestrator 6.x


    Copyright (C) 2014-2015  Robert Szymczak

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    by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or

    (at your option) any later version.

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