What is CloudGenera: 30 Days Cloud Catalyst Contest

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    You've heard of CloudCred & CloudGenera's 30 Days Cloud Catalyst Contest

    and now you're wondering:

    What is CloudGenera?



    Cloud computing offers the promise of efficiency, agility, productivity and IT cost reduction. However as with most major technology shifts there comes a certain amount of uncertainty driven by a landscape that is evolving quickly and ever changing.


    What is needed is an easy way to evaluate the myriad of cloud options but in a way that is customized to your individual environment and specific to your applications. CloudGenera can do that for you.


    CloudGenera is an analytics startup focused on eliminating the barriers businesses face when attempting to leverage the cloud.  We have a unique cloud analytics platform that provides decision support for the cloud.  At CloudGenera we specialize in the formation of clouds and dramatically simplify and accelerate the decision making process.  At the heart of our solution is our unique platform, CloudRank, that analyzes a combination of factors and dimensions to assess an application environment’s best cloud delivery model and provider, including but not limited to cost, infrastructure, performance, availability, security, compliance and regulatory concerns.


    We have 2 solutions that we believe will be of infinite use to the VMware community and cloud community at large:

    • CloudAssist is our assessment solution that helps guide companies through the exercise of evaluating and selecting a cloud delivery model and cloud service provider that best suits the needs of their applications – private, public or hybrid. This is the solution you will be using to participate in the contest. 
    • CloudAdopt is a sales and marketing platform that helps for IT departments accelerate the consumption of their internal cloud service catalog.  It also provides IT with the ability to test and model different cloud service configurations and can be used to identify and analyze the trends and interests of application owners as it relates to their cloud service offering needs.


    We make cloud simple.  In 3 easy steps, your cloud decision is readily available at your fingertips.


    1. 1. Profile your applications

    Getting started is easy – it’s a simple matter of answering questions about your organization’s applications, platforms, and security and compliance needs. The platform prompts you for information about your IT environment, applications, and how they’re being used.


    1. 2. Analyze which cloud providers and cloud delivery models are best for you

    Once profiled, an application is compared against a vast repository of data, compiled and analyzed across industry verticals and horizontal markets. CloudAssist then recommends the best deployment model for you.


    1. 3. Download your customized scorecard

    The outcome of the analysis is presented in the form of an easy scorecard accompanied by a full detailed report. These documents present recommendations for the best deployment model and most capable cloud service providers to match the unique needs of the application being assessed.


    Have more questions? Visit our website at www.cloudgenera.com


    Want to get involved in the 30 Days Cloud Catalyst Contest? Great! Check it at www.cloudcredibility.com, or find the information HERE.


    -Your friends at CloudGenera and CloudCred