What's New in VMware Fusion Technology Preview 2014

Version 7

    Updated! What's New in the VMware Fusion Technology Preview July 2014

    The VMware Fusion Technology Preview is an early look at software from our labs. This software should not be used outside of a test environment or with critical data or documents. The VMware Fusion Technical Support team is unable to assist with issues found in the Technology Preview. Feedback should be provided in the VMware Fusion Technology Preview community forum.






    Hardware Requirements

    The hardware requirements for the VMware Fusion Technology Preview are a 64-bit CPU Intel Core 2 or later. 4GB RAM or more is required.



    Operating System

    Mac OS X 10.8 or newer is required to run the VMware Fusion Technology Preview.



    Compatibility with Existing VMware Fusion Versions

    VMware Fusion Technology Preview can be installed alongside a copy of VMware Fusion 5, VMware Fusion 6 or VMware Fusion 6 Professional, though only one version can be launched at a time. The VMware Fusion Technology Preview should not be installed on Macs that already contain a copy of VMware Fusion 4 or earlier.



    To configure VMware Fusion to run alongside the VMware Fusion Technology Preview

    Before installing the VMware Fusion Technology Preview complete the following steps:

    1. Launch VMware Fusion.
    2. Under "Virtual Machine > Settings > Applications Menu > Show applications menu in menu bar" select "Only when Fusion is running".
    3. Quit VMware Fusion.
    4. Install the VMware Fusion Technology Preview by dragging the “VMware Fusion Technology Preview” application to a folder on your Mac.



    To remove the VMware Fusion Technology Preview

    1. Uninstall VMware Tools from each virtual machine used with the VMware Fusion Technology Preview.  Use the usual operating-system-specific method for uninstalling software.
    2. Ensure that all virtual machines are downgraded to be compatible with VMware Fusion 6 under Virtual Machine > Settings > Compatibility
    3. Quit VMware Fusion Technology Preview.
    4. Drag VMware Fusion Technology Preview to the trash.

    In rare circumstances, it might be necessary to recreate a virtual machine created using this pre-release software in a subsequent version of VMware Fusion.



    What's New?

    The VMware Fusion Technology Preview includes changes to the underlying virtualization platform and includes new capabilities under active development. There are no guarantees that changes in this preview will be compatible with other VMware software, or that these changes will be present in future supported releases of VMware Fusion. Feedback in the following areas is requested in the Technology Preview Community Forum.




    • New virtual Hardware Version 11. (Virtual Machine > Settings > Compatibility)
    • New icons in the library show state of virtual machines in the list view
    • Support for configuring the amount of graphics memory for each virtual machine. (Virtual Machine > Settings > Display)
    • Configure the use of integrated or discrete graphics cards on Mac Book Pros with more than one GPU.
    • Updated support multi-monitor configurations where one monitor is a Retina-class display.
    • Ability to configure a per-virtual machine hot-key combination (Virtual Machine > Settings > Keyboard & Mouse)
    • Improved support for prerelease versions of Microsoft Windows.
    • New VMware Tools installation method for Windows 8 virtual machines, using USB CD virtual device.
    • Support for viewing VMware Fusion Professional to VMware Workstation, VMware ESXi, VMware vSphere servers in the library (File > Connect to Server)
    • Ability to remotely control VMware Workstation, VMware ESXi, VMware vSphere virtual machines
    • Improved support for unreleased versions of Mac OS X (new)
    • Ability to share iSight camera between the host and guest operating system
    • Experimental support for running the vSphere Beta in a virtual machine (See here for more details)



    Known Issues

    • Additional checks (debugging) have been enabled to aid troubleshooting. Performance of this release is likely to be significantly slower than shipping versions of VMware Fusion.
    • This release has not been localized only US English is supported.
    • Upgrading VMware Tools may require an additional reboot of the guest operating system in some circumstances.
    • Repeatedly accessing the shared iSight camera from the virtual machine may intermittently fail.
    • When creating an ESXi VM the list of supported ESXi versions is incorrect.



    Reporting issues in the Community Forum

    Bug reports and problems should be posted in the community forum. A support bundle should be provided with each report. This can be generated from within Fusion under Help > Collect Support Information. When more than one virtual machine is present on your library please describe which virtual machines are experiencing the problem.