Netbackup 6.5.1 - VCB 1.1 -Lessons Learnt

Version 2

    Hey All


    Environment: OS: Windows 2003 R2 with SP2

    VC running on 2.5

    VCB Server Running VCB 1.1 and Netbackup 6.5.1 Admin Console and configured as Media Server

    Netbackup Master Server running on 6.5.1

    No fo Tape Drives Presented: 2 ( Both Master and Media Server can access the drives)


    No of Virtual Machines: 50

    No of ESX Hosts: 5


    Issues and fixes:


    1. When you install Netbackup 6.5 it does not integrate that well with VCB 1.1. Upgrade to 6.5.1 which resolves lot of bugs . VCB 1.1 works on port 443 so in the Virtual Server crdentials ensure you give the correct port number ( Symantec Refrence for Timeout:293350).


    2. It is a good practice to have the netbackup policy configured as per Datastore due to snapshot limitation from Vmware and Netbackup ( 1 per Datastore and 1 per Media Server)


    3. For effective throughput of data from the VCB Staging area to the Tape make the following configuration as per this Symantec Tech note reference number: 267059


    4. When you enable media multiplexing in the policy it terminates with a erro code of 225( I guess this is correct) ...Symantec has acknowledged this as known issue and is working with engineering. Not sure this would get solved in the next release ...6.5.2


    5. Netbackup with Virtual Center Credentials executes reverse look up of the VM's using the vcbvmname.exe to generate a cache file which gets stored in the VCB Server ( Media Server)


    Path:  the Server name as mentioned in the hosts file will show up


    Only when this file is built successfully you can browse the VM.


    6. The backups run fine without any issues. Need to check the load by increasing the number of jobs


    7. Restores are done cleanly for Level 2 and Level 1 backups.


    8. If Vmware Convertor is installed on VCB Server you can have the VM directly restored to its original location if the old VM fails


    Uses Vmware converter to do restore, must be installed on staging system.

    Restore data goes over the LAN for this release

    Target VM must be removed or renamed first

    UUID is not maintained

    Network information is not stripped

    VM is powered off at the end of the restore

    Log details in bpVMutil log and WINDOWS\temp\vmware-temp (converter)


    Script Name:vcbp2vWrapper.wsf


    Need to test this


    9. Check out these Technote:Symantec TechNote 293350


    I will keep this updated if I encounter an issues.