Dynamic Types plug-in generator package

Version 19

    The plug-in generator package is a set of wizard and template workflows allowing to create a plug-in without doing any scripting.


    Read more about Dynamic Types in this article.

    To familiarize yourself with creating a Dynamic Types plug-in V2 you can follow this tutorial and/or this tutorial.



    Download the plug-in generator version 2 from sample exchange (Since November 2, 2016 since the package was moved from Flowgrab)


    Handle REST APIs with JSON or XML message formats.


    • - Wizard based workflow to create a plug-in inventory handling
      • Multiple hosts *
      • Multiple levels of objects *
      • Caching to avoid repeating requests *
      • Requires a single URL per object to implement findRelation, findAll, findById *
      • Get object properties using
        • Simple properties: JavaScript like doted syntax
        • Complex properties: JSONSelect (By Lloyd Hilaiel) *
        • Complex properties with high performance: pluggable actions
    • - Wizard based workflow to create and invoke object methods that are wrappable into plug-in workflows *
    • - Export plug-in to a end user installable package including runtime


    * New functionality of version 2

    Special thanks to Brandon Saxe for integrating JSONSelect in Orchestrator.



    Disclaimer: These samples workflows are provided AS IS and are not considered production quality and are not officially supported. Use at your own risk.