Technical preview version of VMware vCenter Powershell Plug-in 1.0.x

Version 14

    Version 1.0.13 (6035468)

    • Support for vRealize Orchestrator 6.0.3+



    Compatible with:  vRealize Orchestrator 6.0.3+


    Version 1.0.12 (5849847)

    • Support for PowerShell 5.1.14409
    • Fix error observed when connecting to PowerShell 5.1 running on Windows Server 2012R2
      BrokerOutputHandler] broker_serialize : The term 'broker_serialize' is not recognized as the name

            [BrokerOutputHandler] of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of



    Compatible with:  vRealize Orchestrator 7.x [Updated]



    Version 1.0.11 (4889909)

    • Fix regression introduced with UTF support provided in 1.0.10. Some of possible exposure of the issue includes :
      • "Invoke a PowerShell script" workflow is executing the script twice
      • "Invoke a PowerShell script" workflow containing write-output "Hello" does not print result in system log console
      • Result returned from PowerShell scripts invocation is empty or missing


         Compatible with:   vRealize Orchestrator 5.5.2+



    Version 1.0.10

        GA release of the plugin 1.0.7 available as part of vRealizer Orchestrator 7.2.0

    • Added support for UTF  character in powershell script input/output. 



    Version 1.0.7

            GA release of the plugin 1.0.7 available as part of vRealizer Orchestrator 7.0.0


    Version 1.0.6 (2442318)

    Prerequisite  : vCO 5.5.2+

    Supports        : PowerShell 2.0, PowerShell 3.0, PowerShell 4.0

    What's new 

      • Resolves problem adding powershell host that is not member of default realm in krb5.conf


    Version 1.0.4

        Officially released version of VMware vCenter Powershell Plug-in 1.0.4 available here : VMware vCenter Orchestrator Plug-In for Microsoft Windows PowerShell Release Notes

    Version 1.0.3-304:

    • Fixes plugin inventory not shown when connecting to PowerShell 3.0 host



    Please note, that the attached plug-in is QE verified, but still not a final version.