LSI LSI SAS 9300-4i Host Bus Adapter v1

Version 3

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    LSI SAS 9300-4i Host Bus Adapter

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    VMware Infrastructure

    ESXi 5.5, VSAN Beta

    Configuration Tested

    Cisco UCS C200 M2 LFF with a LSI 9300-4i, Adapter HD-SAS Cable 2279900-R, 1x Intel S3700 100GB, 3x Seagate Constellation CS 3TB.
    Storage Adapter shows as: LSI Logic Fusion-MPT 12GSAS SAS3004 PCI-Express

    Integration Method

    Validation of VSAN Beta compatibility using the LSI 9300-4i.
    The SATA devices are shown as a Transport Protocol : Parallel SCSI and not: Block Adapter.
    No issues setting up VSAN with this card.

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    Erik Bussink

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