CryptoJS Hashers and Ciphers

Version 6

    A more native alternative is available with the vRealize Orchestrator Encryption Plugin


    A collection of actions that implement hashers and ciphers from the CryptoJS project.


    This package is based on CryptoJS 3.1.2.


    There are two actions per hashing algorithm.  One provides Base64 encoded output, the other hexadecimal encoded output.



    • MD5
    • SHA1
    • SHA2 224, 256, 384, 512
    • SHA3 512


    • AES
    • TripleDES


    Also included is a random initialization vector (IV) generator action and Base64 encoder/decoder.


    See the test workflows included in the package for usage examples.


    Usage Examples:




    10/31/2013: Updated action descriptions, warning added about the randomization of the generateRandomIV action.

    10/30/2013: Updated parameter order for decrypt actions to be consistent with encrypt actions.