VMware player unstable, is cause ifself or hardware?

Version 1

    VMware(player) is really a fascinating software, thanks to its developers.

    When I use VMware player and full version, I find player seems more unstable than full version does. VMware Player may cause the PC hang, autoboot or bluescreen before it,  and fuzzy screen, then the real XP system starts to autoreboot after a few times of malfunction of the virtual system. I think the virtual system's breakdown may have destoryed C drive's partition table of the real one, which seems not able to be fixed by its own disk check. Fortunately, I have a PE disc that helps me to maintain the real system and I have backed up the intact C drive to a ghost image which can be easily restored to C drive. 

    Each time when I use vmware full version to watch video, the vido player is black screened after a few glints, which I think is a protective mean for hardware like display card, while VMware player never displays black screen.

    Could you give a clue on what to do to prevent such malfunction? Thank you.