CloudCred FAQs

Version 3


         o What is Cloud Cred?

    -        Cloud Cred is a professional peer-based ranking system that makes it easy to identify the most credible, up-to-date and follow-worthy experts on cloud computing. Participants earn points for activities that demonstrate cloud knowledge, which is expressed as a numerical Cloud Cred score and a level of mastery. Achieving a certain Cloud Cred score also unlocks various rewards and incentives.


         o Why did we create Cloud Cred?

    -        Because a lot of people are talking about cloud these days, it’s often hard to tell who is the most credible, the most up-to-date and therefore the most worthy of following and listening to on the subject. There also isn’t a centralized place for people to turn to for information or advice. We wanted to change that and make sure that we can play a central role in the cloud conversation by creating an easy-to-understand ranking system for cloud credibility as well as a community for conversation. That’s what Cloud Cred is all about.


        o  How is Cloud Cred different from other online ranking systems such as Klout or Kred?

    -        Cloud Cred is different from other online influence measuring tools in that it is specifically and exclusively focused on measuring an individual’s credibility in cloud computing only. Additionally, a significant portion of an individual’s Cloud Cred score comes from completing detailed, cloud-centric tasks, whereas most other ranking systems assign a score based on social activity and conversation.


        o  For whom is Cloud Cred Intended?

    -        Cloud Cred is for anyone whose career requires or could be enhanced by knowledge of cloud computing. That means everyone from IT managers who actively use cloud technology daily, to senior leadership and purchase decision makers who want to have a better understanding of the technology their IT teams are implementing.


        o How many people do you expect to participate?

    -        This is an open community and we designed the tool so that anyone and everyone whose career requires knowledge of cloud computing technology can find value in Cloud Cred. We see this becoming a thriving community of players and participants.



        o How much did we invest in creating this, and how long is it intended to last?

    -        Cloud Cred is an important program, so we’re committed to investing whatever it takes to create the best experience possible for participants. We hope to see Cloud Cred into THE way that individuals build and showcase their cloud expertise, so it will be an ongoing program for us.


        o How does Cloud Cred fit into a business or marketing strategy?

    -        Helping companies of all sizes realize the value of cloud computing - including public, private and hybrid cloud - is core to our business, so it’s natural for us to play the role of host for a cloud-centric experience like Cloud Cred.


        o How is Cloud Cred related to the vExpert program?

    -        Cloud Cred’s top participants can earn a vExpert invitation by completing tasks and demonstrating their expertise. However, existing vExpert status does not necessarily guarantee a position atop the Cloud Cred leaderboard.


    How it works

        o How does the scoring work for both individual and team play?

    -        Individual participants and teams earn Cloud Cred points by completing tasks that demonstrate skills in a wide range of cloud computing topics. Teams can work together to help each other complete individual tasks. Team points are earned separately, depending on the tasks. Teams can also earn points by challenging other teams. If a player leaves a team, points earned with that team stay with the team. Individual points do not transfer to team points if a player joins a team.


        o Why are people automatically assigned to a team vs. only electing to join a team if they choose to?

    -        We expect most Cloud Cred participants to join as individuals, so we wanted to give them a built-in group of partners who can help them complete tasks and grow their credibility. But if they have friends or colleagues they’d rather team up with, they’re free to leave the team they’ve been assigned to and create their own at any time. There is no downside to being part of a Cloud Cred team.


        o If other members of the team are inactive, does it hinder that individual’s ability to earn points for their personal ranking?

    -        Individual and team points are earned separately, but team members can help each other solve problems and complete individual tasks. If a user’s team is inactive, he can always leave it and join another, more active team. The primary purpose of teams in Cloud Cred is to foster the competitive nature of the game while simultaneously encouraging users to work together to solve problems.


        o Given that there is a grand prize, is Cloud Cred designed to be an ongoing campaign, or will it end when the grand prize is awarded?

    -        Cloud Cred will be an ongoing campaign. New prizes will be added on an ongoing basis, so users will always have goals to work towards. Prizes are awarded in three ways: randomly, at specific point levels and for the completion of certain badges and tasks.


        o How did we determine the tasks that are a part of Cloud Cred?

    -        We reached out to experts and practitioners and looked at all the different skill sets and knowledge that would indicate credibility in cloud computing, and then created tasks that allow users to demonstrate those skills or that knowledge.


        o How are the more easily completed tasks (i.e. Follow your Team on Twitter) related to an individual’s expertise in Cloud?

    -        Knowledge of the latest news and trends in cloud computing is an important part of being a cloud expert. Following the leading brands and voices in the space is one way to stay up to date. That being said, the tasks are weighted so that users earn more points from more complex tasks, and fewer points from easier tasks.