Automate Backups of VDS & Distributed Portgroup Configurations in vSphere 5.1

Version 1

    This vSphere SDK for Perl sample script demonstrates the ability to backup both a VDS (vSphere Distributed Virtual Switch) and DvPortgroup (Distributed Portgroup) configurations which is new with the release of vSphere 5.1. You will need a vSphere 5.1 environment as well as a VDS running version 5.1.


    For more details, please visit this blog article:


    Disclaimer: These script are provided for informational/educational purposes only.  It should be thoroughly tested before attempting to use in a production  environment.


    The script supports the following operations:

    • list-vds – List all VDS and DvPortgroups
    • backup-vds – Backup only a VDS
    • backup-dvpg – Backup only a particular DvPortgroup
    • view-backup – View a backup file


    Here is a quick screenshot of backing up a VDS:



    Here is a quick screenshot of backing up an individual DvPortgroup: