Configuring VDS Network Health Check Interval Using vSphere API

Version 1

    This is a vSphere SDK for Perl script that allows you to automate the enabling of VDS Network Health Check feature as well as change the default interval for either VLAN/MTU and/or NIC Teaming settings. The script accepts two types of operation: query and update and in addition, require the input of a valid VDS (Distributed Virtual Switch) name as input. You will need to connect to a vCenter Server 5.1 to use the script


    For more details, please take a look at the following blog article:


    Here is are some screenshots on how the script works:


    The above screenshot shows a query operation on a VDS called VDS-01 and we can see the current settings of the VLAN/MTU and Teaming configuration along with their check interval


    This next screenshot, we are using the update operation to change the default interval of 1minute for Teaming to 10 minutes and VLAN/MTU to 5 minutes