Version 1

    Script demonstrates how to retrieve the list of vCenter Linked Mode Servers, connect to each instance and print the clusters from each vCenter Inventory.


    The script assumes valid DNS resolution of each vCenter's FQDN hostname and a common credential set across each vCenter Instance.




    perl --username=administrator@vlab.local --password=VMware1! --server=
    vCenter https://VLAB-VCE-02.vlab.local:443/sdk (instanceUuid=08118895-075D-4DB4-A9A8-B566E4007DF6):
      Clusters: CLU02
    vCenter https://VLAB-VCE-01.vlab.local:443/sdk (instanceUuid=BCEB89C9-674F-47B3-9C01-DDF5E03D550B):
      Clusters: CLU01