VMWare HA confuses me very much!! SOS!!

Version 1


         i am not new with vsphere, but I know little about  how vsphere works. now, i want to know more about ha, and i've found many documents. after reading the docs i start to know how HA works.

        but what confused me was that when i tested it in my lab (a thinkpad x200 laptop with 8G ram and workstation 9), i got lots of questions and nobody around could tell me why,so i am here to ask for your help.

        here is my scenario:


    i set up two esxi4.1, a vcenter server, a dns, and a openfiler for iscsi share storage. there are two nics on each esxi host, one is for managent network and the other is for iscsi. one nic is connected to the workstaton NAT network(, and the other is connected to workstation Host-only network(


    vcenter server and dns is on NAT network with ip addr, openfiler is on host-only network with ip addr



    i changed the default setting of admission control because of my limited resources.


    for now, ha has been enabled and looks fine except for the warning of no management network redundacy. and with my understanding: if i disconect the management network of esxi4-2.vilab.com, the two vms will move to esxi4-1.vilab.com because the heartbeat disappeared.


    several minites later


    long time later, nothing happend.




    the result is very different in vsphere 5.0, i did the same in vsphere 5 and it still confused me very much. by the way, in vsphere 4.1 , i can't find a way to check out which host is the primery one.


    why ha doesn't work?

    what is the heartbeat signal?

    I can use vsphere client to connect to a host by the ip addr which is not for a management network



    i know this scenario is not a regular design, but it seems no problem to me.