migrateVM.pls - vMotion without shared storage

Version 1

    The following vSphere SDK for Perl Script provides an example of performing a vSphere 5.1 vMotion of a live running virtual machine and changing both it's datastore as well as host using the RelocateVM_Task() vSphere API.


    Here is an example of running the script:

    ./migrateVM.pl --server --username root --vmname FRANK --vihost --datastore local-datastore-2


    You will need to be connecting to a vSphere 5.1 vCenter Server and specify the following parameters:

    --vmname = Name of the Virtual Machine to migrate

    --vihost = Name of ESXi host to migrate to

    --datastore = Name of the datastore to migrate to


    Here are a few screenshots:





    For more details, please refer to this blog post.