VDI Calculator-v1.xlsx

Version 1
    • This   calculator is targeted for VMware View designs running on top of vSphere   infrastructure
    • All the inputs are Mandatory
    • All the calculations are done assuming VMware Composer along   with Linked Clones is being used.
    • Hybrid Architecture is N/A
    • It assumes the processor speed as 2.5Ghz
    • All the calculations have been done for RAID5
    • Overheads are considered
    1. 5% for CPU
    2. 5% for Memory
    3. 10% for Storage
    • IOPS calculated at 10 IOPS per VDI with 80% Read IOPS &   20% Write IOPS
    • This calculations doesn't count the Boot storm IOPS
    • Three Types of Users are considered
    1. Task Workers
    2. Knowledge Workers
    3. Power Users