How to troubleshoot Location Based Printing

Version 1

    I'll update this document as people ask more questions about it but this is the beginning of how you troubleshoot LBP and ThinPrint issues.


    Open a command prompt and go to this directory: C:\Program Files\VMWare\VMWare Tools\

    From within that directory run these commands:

    tpautoconnect.exe –d all

    • This will delete all printers created by ThinPrint

    tpautoconnect.exe –v –i vmware –a COM1 –F 30

    • This command is the same command that is run by the TP process, the only difference is that instead of running the process with the quiet flag (-q) we want to run it in verbose mode (-v).  This will help us see if there are any errors.

    Common Errors

    “Can’t get Client Name” – This error most likely means that the Group Policy is not taking affect.

    “No suitable client protocol found.” – This error can be ignored, following this error you should see your printers map.