HowTo: Setting up VMware Fusion to work with HID devices

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    Hi Guys,


    Ever needed to enable a HID compatible device in a VMware Client product, and was unable to? VMware blocks HID devices (by design). However if you need to get around that, like I did to enable a USB Barcode Scanner or a Foot Control on my VMWare Fusion virtual machine, here's what to do. Directions are for VMware Fusion, however should apply to Workstation, etc. as well.


    • Make sure Guest VM is powered down, go into settings for your Guest VM you want to enable and make sure that under USB-->Advanced Options the automatically USB connection was on "Ask what to do", NOT ON WINDOWS!


    Screen Shot 2011-10-12 at 9.53.37 AM-1.jpg


    • Browse to the .vmwarevm file of the guest VM , right click and choose Show Package Contents (similar to unzipping archive) and find the .vmx file. * This will just be the .vmx file in your vm's virtual hard drive directory for Workstation (Windows) version.


    • Right click the .vmx file and choose Open With --> TextEdit. Add the following line at the end of the file:

            usb.generic.allowHID = "TRUE"


    • Save the .vmx file and close it, then connect your HID device (barcode scanner) so that it is recognized in OSX, and boot up your Guest VM.


    • Once the Guest VM is booted and logged in, on the top of the vm's window there should be several USB icons to connect, hover over the one for the barcode scanner or foot control (as example), then click the Connect Symbol for your device.


    Once connected open Device Manager and you should see the new device as USB Human Interface Device.



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    best regards, Strasser Johannes