VCP5 Certification

Version 6

    Official information

    The new VCP certification has been announced in the same day of vSphere 5 announce.

    The official page is:


    The exam code is VCP511 during the beta period (until Jul, 24) and VCP510 (when goes live on Aug, 29).

    The price will be probably the same of VCP4 (but it also depend by the currency) and it's printed on VUE site.

    For the beta a discount is provided with a voucher... The beta is open? Officially no... but the silly think is that the VUE site report this exam and seems that also people without any invite can register for it... Will the exam be valid? I've no answer for it....


    Upgrade path

    For VCP4 the certification can be get with only the exam pass, but if taken before 2/29/2012.

    For all the other certification paths see the official page.

    Note that actually there isn't an official date for VCP4 exam retiring (but probably is before the 2/29/2012).


    Preparing the exam

    Actually (Jul 2011) is quite difficult because no official product documents are available... There is the docs from the beta and RC, but it's lacking of some aspects, like official HCL, min and max, and license information.

    But on the official site there are:

    There is also an interesting site with VCP5 vs VCP4: Comparing exam blueprints


    Another difficult is that the product has only be announced, but it's not available for public download (probably on Aug, 2011 and reasonable before the VCP5 official release)... So only people with the RC can test and make practice on the product.


    Note that most of new features are in the Enterprise Plus edition, so a full edition or a trial mode is required to test and study them, because I suppose that several question are on those features (same was, for example, with DVS in the VCP4 exam).


    About the new license schema I do not which impact will have on the VCP5 exam... maybe minimal (for example in the blueprint there is nothing about the license upgrade from 4 to 5 and only two generic points about licensing ESXi and vCenter Server).


    The Upgrade paths could be an important part of the exam, as well


    Note that in the blueprint is also included the Storage Virtual Appliance for vSphere! This is not included in the vSphere products, because is sold as an optional part... But it can take several questions in the exam... so it's another new piece that must be considered!


    The vCenter Virtual Appliance seems to have a minimal part (there is only one point about configuring it) and the new WebClient interface is limited to a single point of the blueprint (Determine use case for vSphere Client and Web Client).

    Study notes

    Exam experiences

    More information

    Scott Vessey has published several posts to his blog related to the vSphere 5 release:


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