VMware Studio - Appliance Size Reduction

Version 6

    Smaller appliance size is important to many appliance vendors. VMware Studio supports many ways to reduce the appliance size. Each approach has its own pros and cons. The appliance developer should refer to developer’s guide to understand these approaches. In the VMware Studio 2.5 release, we have introduced a new approach to reduce the size of the appliance. This feature creates a small appliance using the JeOS technology. The phrase JeOS (Just enough Operating System) refers to tailoring an OS by removing unnecessary interfaces, libraries, files and executables that an application does not need. For example, typically an apache server appliance is 400Mb. With this approach, the reduced appliance will be 50Mb.


    This feature is available in an experimental mode for VMware Studio 2.5 release to get early feedback from Studio community. This tool also breaks up the ISO packages into individual files, so the appliance creator needs to check with their legal team before shipping an appliance created using this approach.


    To learn more about the experimental JeOS feature, please read the attached VMware Studio JeOS User's Guide.