VMware View for iPad FAQ

Version 4

    Q. I get the "Your desktop is loading too slowly" error

    A. The iPad client is designed for running a View 4.6 with Security Server environment (and STRONGLY recommended).  Alternately, if you are running View 4.5, you will have to have a VPN session open before using the View Client for iPad.


    Q. What version of VMware View is required  for the iPad client?

    A. VMware View 4.6 with the PCoIP Security Gateway is recommended for single sign-on support and required for typing European international characters.


    Q. Why can’t I got back to the VMware View home screen when disconnecting from a desktop?

    A. There are limitations at this time that do not allow us to support iOS multitasking at this time. We will look into this for a future release.


    Q. How will the app be distributed to an enterprise?

    A. The App will be a free download from the regular iTunes App Store.


    Q. When will the VMware View Client for iPad be available and how much does the app cost?

    A.  VMware View Client for iPad is available now for free on the Apple App Store.


    Q.  Will this work with iOS 4.3?

    A. Yes.  VMware View Client for iPad will support iOS 4.2 and 4.3


    Q.  What are the key features of the app?

    A. The new VMware View Client for iPad provides a simple and secure way for end users to access their corporate Windows desktops, applications and data from their iPad.


    Q.  Is there any additional cost to the existing View license to access View on iPad?

    A.  No.  The View Client for iPad is compatible with both the Enterprise and Premier View bundles and  there are no additional costs associated with using the VMware View Client for iPad. Customers interested in using View Client for iPad will need to upgrade the View Agent to version 4.6.


    Q.  How is the experience/performance in 3G vs. WiFi?

    A.  The new VMware View Client is the first to embrace the PCoIP protocol, providing users with the richest user experience over the wireless WAN (3G) and wireless LAN (WiFi) connections.  Like all wireless devices, performance will vary based on the quality of the network connection.


    Q.  Do you need View infrastructure on the backend to use the app?

    A.  Yes.  VMware View is a complete, virtual desktop solution that enables enterprises to improve security and lower operating costs, while simplifying desktop delivery and management by establishing a modern, end-user computing architecture. By breaking the bonds between the physical desktop and the associated OS, applications and end-user profiles, VMware View creates a rapidly deployable private “desktop cloud.”


    Q.  Does the View Client for iPad support RDP?

    A.  The VMware mobile client strategy is focused on the PCoIP protocol. Customers that are looking for RDP can use Wyse PocketCloud.


    Q.  Will the View Client for iPad work on the iPhone?

    A.  No, this client is optimized for the iPad and not intended for the iPhone.  To access View desktops from the iPhone, customers can purchase the Wyse PocketCloud.


    Q.  Is the iPad client localized into <my language>?

    A.  The initial release is only available in English only.  Localization is under consideration for a future release and will be determined by customer demand. VMware does not comment on timeframes for unreleased products or features.


    Q.  Are keyboards supported?

    A.  Yes, the VMware View Client for iPad supports an in app virtual keyboard as well as external dock and Bluetooth keyboards.


    Q.  Are external mice supported?

    A.  No, Apple does not support pairing a Bluetooth mouse with the iPad. The View Client for iPad does, however, have an in app trackpad to enable more precise pointing.


    Q.  Are USB devices supported?

    A.  No, Apple does not support USB devices with the iPad.


    Q.  Is video out supported?

    A.  Yes, the View Client for iPad supports 1024x768 video out through the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter.


    Q. How is VMware View for iPad supported?

    A. Support for VMware View Client for iPad is included in Basic and Production Support contracts sold with VMware View. If View Client for iPad customers encounter a technical issue, only Support Administrators listed on a Basic or Production Support contract for VMware View may log a service ticket with VMware Technical Support. Individual users of the View Client for iPad should contact their internal IT help desk or visit the View Client for iPad resources listed below for tips and assistance.







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